A Nordic Scent Of Pure Nature | FREDERIK
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Way out west, where the gentle mist from the marsh meets the storms of The North Sea, you will find the essence of Frederik, a fragrance full of green notes and the myths of a torn landscape.

The nature

The Danish marshland is a unique peace of nature, a scenic, flat landscape formed by the great powers of the tide and the severe storms crossing in from the North Sea.

The name

The name FREDERIK has been a royal name in Denmark since the 16th century and is still very popular and common. The king to-be in Denmark, the firstborn son of Queen Margrethe 2, is also called Frederik.

Cassie, Estragon, Leaves, Green and white flowers, Ozonic, Musk

1 wick
45-50 hours burning time

3 wicks
90-95 hours burning time