A Nordic Scent Of Pure Nature | HARALD
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The strength of nature is enormous, like a tale of a windswept and rocky wilderness. That is the essence of Harald, a unique combination of wild herbs, green moss and old wood.

The nature

8.750 km. The total length of Denmark’s coastline shaped by the wild, breaking waves at the West Coast and the calm waters of Oresund. 8.750 km of soft sand, windswept dunes and rocky beaches. 

The name

The name HARALD derives from the ancient, Nordic name Harjawaldar meaning ”ruler”. Harald was also the name of the Danish King who ruled the Danish Vikings more than thousand years ago: Harald Bluetooth.

Cistus flower, grain genever/juniper, nut meg - White thymus, sage - Cedar wood, moss, labdanum

1 wick 
45-50 hours burning time

3 wicks 
90-95 hours burning time