A Nordic Scent Of Pure Nature | INGRID
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Ingrid is the magic of that one moment when blue ocean meets grey sand, a wave of fresh sea notes that will set you free and allow your imagination to wander.

The nature

Although Denmark is a small country, we’re famous for our long, wide shores that outline large parts of our coastline. The sand on our beaches is a soft contrast to the wild ocean surrounding our country.

The name

INGRID is an old, Scandinavian name, a heritage from the Norse mythology where the old, God name, Ing, in all its simplicity means ‘beauty”. Today Ingrid is best known as the name of a former Queen of Denmark who wore the crown from 1947 to 1972.

Badian, Fig leaves, Calone, Jasmine, Lily of the valley, Sea spray, Driftwoods, Sandal wood, White musk

1 wick
45-50 hours burning time

3 wicks
90-95 hours burning time