A Nordic Scent Of Pure Nature | KAROLINE
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Karoline is the feeling of a tender female sensuality, a delicate fragrance of wild rose flowers on a lazy, warm day in the sun, a summer memory that will embrace your thoughts and light up long, dark nights.

The nature

In Denmark, the sight of wild flowers is not unusual. Wild flowers grow everywhere, in gardens, parks, in the meadows and along roadsides where you can pick the most beautiful bouquets. 

The name

Karoline is a natural, feminine name with a long history in Denmark. Both princesses and queens have carried the name, like the late Caroline Mathilde who was the wife of King Christian 7.

Lemon, Cardamom, Vegetal, Cassis, Rose, Magnolia, Powder, Musk

1 wick
45-50 hours burning time

3 wicks
90-95 hours burning time